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BA Hons
RS Hom (Homoeopath)
ND (Naturopath)
Cert ASK (Kinesiologist)
MBANT (Nutrition)
Member of British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy (Allergy Testing)
RCST (Craniosacral Therapy)




Allergy and Sensitivity Testing and Treatment

Allergies and sensitivities are to a naturopath just one symptom within the 'whole picture'.

I use kinesiology (a muscle response test) to enable me to assess whether foods or inhalants are actually causing a problem, and whether they are the initial priority .

Sometimes another aspect of the person (often the aspect causing the allergy or sensitivity, but sometimes a parallel condition) will appear to need addressing first, and focusing on the causatory or other aspect may result in the allergy or sensitivity disappearing. For example, someone who has digestive problems may just need to act on nutritional advice or aids to digestion, and may not involve food sensitivity or allergy at all. On the other hand the analysis of a case arising from the kinesiology test may indicate a sensitivityor allergy to (say) wheat, thus enabling me to suggest the patient take the homeopathic or other remedy indicated by the test for their particular case.

I use desensitising remedies from a homeopathic pharmacy in Wales (Ffynnonwen)
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