Testimonials are not 'evidence'. Declarations of patient satisfaction are neither accepted nor acceptable as (and are not here put forward in any way as purporting to be) clinical evidence of outcome of treatment. The experiences of some of my patients which they describe in their own words below represent only their personal opinions, and do not comprise or form part of any claim on my part as to the efficacy of any treatment I may have given them, or as to the efficacy of any complementary therapy or therapies in general. For legal reasons certain references to specific medical conditions are omitted.  


"I first came to see Sally Ann when I discovered I had ........ At that point I was feeling quite desperate and frustrated wondering if I could ever get better. From my very first appointment with Sally Ann her calming influence and words of encouragement helped me to believe that, although I had a long and difficult road ahead, I could get better. True to her word Sally Ann provided me with support and continued encouragement throughout the process and this often extended beyond our sessions. There were many times when I felt I would never get better and felt like giving up but knowing that Sally Ann was always available on the phone to offer support and advice really helped me through the hard times. I have now overcome it and continue to see Sally Ann for my general well being. Without her help and support I would not have achieved what I have done and I am truly thankful for all she has done for me and have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends."



"In that last 18 months since I first consulted Sally Ann, I have gone from strength to strength, and in essence, Sally Ann has given me my life back. Having struggled with .......... type symptoms for about twelve years, with extended periods of time in bed, never reaching anything approaching stable health, I now feel as strong as I did before I first become ill all those years ago. As well as being skilled at her work and having a range of treatments to suit many conditions, Sally Ann conducts her practice very professionally and is available to provide support on the phone when required. I cannot recommend Sally Ann highly enough."



"When my son Paul first saw Sally Ann we were at our wits end on what to do: we had tried so many forms of treatment to no avail. Paul has been treated homeopathically since birth and has been brought up on an organic wholefood diet so it was difficult to tell why he wasn't responding to homeopathic remedies etc. Sally Ann started to treat Paul and we have been so thankful as through her treatment she has got him through his GCSE and A levels - he is now at Edinburgh University studying Maths and Physics.

"Paul had many symptoms the main ones swollen red painful lips, asthma at times - together with hayfever symptoms, digestive disorders - frequent loose stools, excessive mucous making breathing nasally difficult.

"Before Sally Ann started to treat Paul he had had many days off school with ........... symptoms which nothing was helping. The journey to health was a slow process with times feeling he was taking a step backwards but he stayed with it and followed Sally Ann's recommendations which were not always easy - for quite a while he had to avoid wheat, sugar and dairy, all difficult foods to avoid for a 16 year old boy. He so wanted to feel well that he carried on. Through Kinesiology and Sally Ann's training in combination remedies he has been helped on all levels mental, emotional and physical. It has been amazing to see him blossom into a well balanced 18 year old full of optimism and enthusiasm for life.

"It was not always easy for Paul to see Sally Ann as he had over a hundred mile journey to get there but he committed to seeing the treatment through knowing it would take time as it had taken time for the symptoms to come out so it would take time to heal.

"Paul has a lot of admiration for how Sally Ann has helped him and has been able as a consequence to take responsibility for his health which is a great gift he can go forward with."

-C R


"In 2004 I went to the hospital with severe pain in my abdomen. They sent me for a scan and they [gave me a diagnosis] and gave me treatment, but the pain didn't go. They told me to go for an operation , but I decided not to have it. I then went to see Sally Ann who does Homeopath and she gave me her treatments. She taught me to eat healthy food and in 2 weeks there was a massive change in my health, and in a month all the sleepless nights were gone, tiredness, mood swings, poor memory and headaches disappeared. I am a changed person now. I really thank Sally Ann for everything she has done for me, and recommend anyone to try homeopathy remedies."

-C London


"I had ................. a couple of months ago and I took 2 Cranio-sacral Therapy sessions with Sally Ann and am glad to say that in the first treatment the pain and stiffness was released and in 2nd visit I felt very relaxed my pain and stiffness was completely released and I had lots of energy. Cranial Therapy is a very gentle treatment."

-CP London


"I first visited Sally Ann when I began to experience panic attacks that were accompanied by a number of other symptoms that added to my anxiety and general exhaustion. I was very scared and bewildered – I had never experienced anything like this before. Sally Ann outlined the methods that she would use and reassured me that it would be possible for me to become well again – this was something that I had begun to doubt. 

"Sally Ann’s calm and honest approach has been integral to my recovery and I have felt continually supported and encouraged by her knowledge, care and understanding.
"Sally Ann gives generously of her time and expertise and is an excellent listener, no detail being too small to be of relevance or importance." Several months later, I know that I am well on the road back to full health and am confident that I will continue grow in strength. Whilst I am certain that the treatments Sally Ann has offered me have been enormously effective, I am very aware that without her very personal support and genuine care I would not have made the progress that I have and I know that I have been fortunate to find a practitioner who truly considers and cares for every aspect of her patients’ health and well-being."

I practise in North London in Totteridge and Hampstead.
I work from 8:15am - 6:00pm weekdays & from 8:15- 4:00pm on Saturdays.

To book an appointment, please call me on 020 8446 7935 or send me an email via the contact form.